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Quantitative research and machine learning professional services

What is Quant-For-Hire?

Looking to extend your in-house research with experts in data science, machine learning and finance?

Our talented Quant-for-Hire team will help validate your data and implement your unique investment approach with industry knowledge and best practices.

Let our backtesting simulation infrastructure validate your investment approach before risking capital.

Who uses Quant-For-Hire?

Are you a portfolio manager looking to extend your in-house research with a trusted partner?

We strive to combine your insights with a quantitative analysis overlay with one goal in mind – help you differentiate your unique offerings for success!

Have a successful strategy that requires manual effort and upkeep? Let us help you validate, enhance and automate it on our platform.

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Lucena is unique in our space by the virtue that they actually deliver what they say they will.

A multi-billion-dollar hedge fund in NYC

Why use Quant-For-Hire?

With Quant-For-Hire you can:

Validate your strategy by backtesting before deploying.

Have our Quants investigate revisions to your strategy to optimize performance.

Integrate your automated strategy with our powerful Machine Learning algorithms to provide added value.

Lucena Research Quant-for-hire

Quant-For-Hire offers market research and portfolio analysis. Our skilled machine learning experts are available to provide the following services:

  • Integrate machine learning decision support into your strategy
  • Apply pattern matching technology to validate and backtest your strategy
  • Incorporate our proven software modules: Forecaster, Optimizer, Hedge Finder, and Event Analyzer into your strategy
  • Have an idea? Let us apply an event studies approach to validate and exploit the hidden Alpha in your strategy.

Case Studies

Kookaburra capital

How a quantitative overlay and alternative data boosted Kookaburra’s strategies by 11% while the S&P dropped 7%.#AI Driven Investment Strategy

How Lucena provided a quantitative approach to winning Machine Learning strategies for a multi-strategy hedge fund.


Hedge Fund Case Study

How Lucena increased portfolio returns by 180 basis points in under 10 months.# Quantitative Analysis Research

A quantitative approach provided incremental growth and portfolio optimization for a multi-billion-dollar discretionary fundamental hedge fund.


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