Our History

Lucena’s founders represent a combination of academia, business experience, and software development expertise that provides a highly unique and complimentary skill set

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Lucena was founded by former F-15 pilot Tucker Balch, Ph.D. Tucker earned a doctorate in Robotics at Georgia Tech in 1999 and began a research career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University.

Throughout his academic career Tucker was intrigued by the challenge of applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to investment decision-making. He later returned to Georgia Tech where he is developing a graduate program that combines Artificial Intelligence and Finance. In recent years, Tucker and some of his most talented students perfected a pattern matching algorithm to create an advanced and reliable investment decision support tool for traders.

John Cornwell was one of Tucker’s top students: He led the implementation of Lucena’s proprietary IP. While at Georgia Tech, Tucker and John participated in a unique accelerator program called Flashpoint.

Flashpoint’s mission is to introduce experienced and successful entrepreneurs to promising early-stage startups. The underlying goal is to match each start up with a mentor, to help them validate and refine their business model before a large investment or effort is undertaken. Erez Katz, a self-made serial entrepreneur and an expert in building and growing SaaS (Software as a Service or cloud-based) Technology companies, was assigned as Lucena’s mentor.

While working together, a mutual appreciation for each other’s talent was formed and the decision was made to join forces, raise seed money, and swiftly embark on an unbelievable journey to grow Lucena into a recognized powerhouse in the investment professional community.

Lucena’s ultimate goal is to bring awareness of the power of Machine Learning pattern analysis, and to revolutionize the underserved investment professional community by providing the tools and technology not normally available to businesses of their size.

Lucena brings quantitative analysis and statistical Machine Learning solutions to hedge funds, wealth advisers and advanced individual investors.

Our cloud-based Artificial Intelligence decision support technology enables short term investors and traders to find market opportunities and to reduce risk in their portfolio using technical and fundamental quantitative pattern matching.

We provide:

  • Machine Learning algorithms focused on investment applications
  • Equity trend forecasting
  • Advanced event studies
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Hedging tactics

Our quantitative tools may improve the performance of your existing strategies, validate new strategies before investment, maximize the consistency of returns, and minimize volatility.  We are also available on demand to provide consulting support.

Use Lucena’s QuantDesk™ software to scientifically validate your investment plan, leverage Machine Learning for price prediction, and bound risk with advanced hedging algorithms.