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Data Analytics Suite

Transform your data into validated signals for the financial markets

Data Analytics Suite

Generating insights from data remains a huge challenge for most data providers, causing friction during the sales process to quants and investment managers.

Why? Because a unique data feed is not enough to prove the value to a specific end users needs.

Lucena’s Data Analytics Suite for financial markets provides validation and acceleration of your offerings to your addressable market.

Who uses Data Analytics Suite?

If you are looking for a robust platform that will take a deep dive into data, look no further!

We go much further than scrubbing and mapping your data. By applying a scientific approach and incorporating machine learning technology we validate data through the eyes of its intended users.

Our goal is to showcase a data set’s predictability through the prism of predictive models backed by sophisticated feature engineering.
We only endorse data that passes our rigorous validation benchmarks to ensure the end result is credible and production ready.

Data Analytics for Financial markets

As an unaffiliated provider, Lucena has boosted the credibility of our data through empirical evidence. Not only did they validate our data’s predictive capabilities but they designed co-branded investment solutions that are now offered to our mutual clients.

Evan Schnidman
Founder and CEO, Prattle Analytics

Why use Data Analytics Suite?

Utilize our Machine Learning analysis tools to efficiently validate data with an independent third party stamp of approval.

Analyze a complete view of data in the context of its readiness for the financial markets.

Provide empirical evidence of your data’s value to clients and prospects.

Enhance your offerings through derived products that won’t compromise your IP. Offerings can include model portfolios, actionable data feeds and custom research.

data analytics suite for financial markets

Data Analytics Suite includes three cloud-based products:

Data Analytics, Data Qualification Engine

Data Qualification Engine (DQE)

On-demand forensic analysis report for alternative data sets.

  • A technology solution designed to qualify and validate alternative data sets’ readiness for quantitative research.
  • A comprehensive report with decile breakdown and analysis of signal strength to future returns.
  • Unlimited backtests and performance attribution reporting by volatility, momentum, mean reversion or industry sectors.
  • Independent study to identify survivorship bias or model inconsistencies.


Data analytics suite for finance, data matching engine

Data Matching Engine (DME)

Your personalized data recommendation engine.

  • The first Al-powered technology solution that identifies which alternative data sets are suitable for your investment constituents and objective.
  • Simultaneously validate signals from multiple independent data sources.
  • Evaluate ensembles of features when used together from independent data sources.
  • Comprehensive backtest simulation for visual representation of your multi-factor model’s efficacy.


Data Analytics Suite, data review engine for finance

Data Review Engine (DRE)

Post analysis and final assessment of data’s value and market readiness.

  • Assessment of derived features for machine learning classification and investment intelligence.
  • Universe coverage and signal distribution normalization assessment along with decile comparison analysis.
  • A visually compelling and comprehensive report to showcase your data’s robustness and applicability to investment synopsis. 
  • Empirically show clients why your data is best for their investment approach.


Case Studies

Data Analytics suite for alternative data validation

Prattle Analytics Gained Actionable Insights from Alternative Data
#Data Validation

Lucena validated and enhanced Prattle’s data, backtested out of sample for signal predictive strength, and provided new audience for Prattle through Lucena’s QuantDesk® customers.


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