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A cloud-based Big Data & AI Investment research platform

What is QuantDesk®?

An AI Investment Research Platform Powered by Big Data.

QuantDesk allows you to form and validate a quantitative investment approach with a user-friendly interface.

Evaluate alternative data, discover predictive signals, test new theories and build winning investment strategies. No data science expertise or coding required.

Who uses QuantDesk®?

Any business minded investment professional.

Data vendors who seek to find a new audience in the Financial Markets.

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Best technology we’ve seen for equities, especially in the US. Would be hard to find another holistic platform as robust as QuantDesk.

Kookaburra Capital

Why use QuantDesk®?

With QuantDesk® you can: 

Construct, backtest, and deploy an investment strategy without writing a single line of code.

Identify and exploit market opportunities with precision.

Scientifically test and validate your investment research before risking capital.

Derive insights from orthogonal Big Data sources and apply multi-factor pattern recognition technology in a clear and intuitive user interface.

Improve your strategies with Machine  Learning-based optimization and automation.

Reduce risk, minimize volatility, and increase benchmark relative returns with industry-leading hedging and portfolio replication technologies.

QuantDesk® has six powerful Machine Learning modules:


Pattern recognition price forecasting

  • Discover future price trends using multi-factor models.
  • Deep learning and regression based models trained daily to adapt to changes in market conditions.
  • Forecast and backtest both long and short directions.


Reduce risk with asset allocation recommendations

  • Nobel Prize winning Mean-Variance approach to portfolio optimization.
  • Up to 10 risk profiles from lowest volatility to highest return.
  • Support multi-level allocation constraints and turnover goals.

Hedge Finder

Reduce volatility with additional uncorrelated assets in your portfolio

  • Supports long only, short only and long/short hedge compositions.
  • Unique pattern matching technology set to limit risk and maximize Sharpe Ratio.
  • Validate through comprehensive backtest simulations and performance reports.

Event Analyzer

Exploit market opportunities by identifying predictable behavior following  meaningful events

  • Evaluate how assets responded to meaningful events in the past to derive opportune time for future entry and exit.
  • Construct multi-factor filters to identify assets with common price action trajectory.
  • Machine learning models from multiple big data sources to support investment objectives and time horizons

Portfolio Replicator

Clone a time series pattern of an asset, or a portfolio using a predetermined security basket.

  • Replicate time series representation using your favorite security basket.
  • Find out the most prominent constituents of a fund based on its performance time series.
  • Identify uncorrelated constituents to a portfolio by replicating its inverse time series representation.


Take investment strategies through a historical test drive before risking capital

  • Roll bak time and assess how effective an investment approach is by simulating trade executions in various market regimes.
  • Comprehensive performance reports with factor attribution and transaction history.
  • Performance reports account for transactions cost, slippage, short borrowing costs while index membership is survivor bias free.

Case Studies

Kookaburra capital

How a quantitative overlay and alternative data boosted Kookaburra’s strategies by 11% while the S&P dropped 7%.
#Investment Strategy

How Lucena provided a quantitative approach to winning Machine Learning strategies for a multi-strategy hedge fund.


Hedge Fund Case Study

How Lucena increased portfolio returns by 180 basis points in under 10 months.
#Quantitative Analysis Research

A quantitative approach provided incremental growth and portfolio optimization for a multi-billion-dollar discretionary fundamental hedge fund.



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