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Case Study

"Lucena Research has
boosted the credibility of our
data through empirical evidence."

- Evan A. Schnidman, Founder and CEO of Prattle Analytics

Alternative Data Case Studies

Prattle Analytics LLC

St Louis, Missouri, United States

Prattle automates investment research by quantifying market-moving language.


Financial Services, Text Analytics

Universe Coverage

Russell 1000

Alternative Data Case Study Overview

Prattle Analytics Gained Actionable Insights
rom Validated Alternative Data

Business Needs from Prattle

  • Find an objective third party to validate & backtest the predictive power of Prattle’s data.
  • Grow target market & allow fund managers the ability to leverage actionable signals derived from data.
  • Streamline data consumption for fund managers; develop efficient access channel to Prattle’s unique data for inclusion in the investment process.

Benefits Delivered

  • Lucena’s research provided an unbiased, 3rd party, empirical evidence of Prattle’s value proposition. Prattle’s data was validated in; completeness, symbology, model consistency and survivorship bias.
  • Backtested out of sample to validate signals’ predictive strength and actionability both at the Macro Level, Equity Level, and for G-10 foreign exchange pairs.
  • Combined Prattle’s data with technical and fundamental data through machine learning time series classification to provide composite signals.
  • Provided new audience for Prattle through Lucena’s QuantDesk® customer base. Subscribers gained exposure and ultimately license engagement of Prattle’s unique, enhanced data.

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