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Case Study

"We are excited to be recognized
by Lucena for our extremely
accurate and best-in-class event data."

- Barry L. Star, founder and CEO of Wall Street Horizon

Wall Street Horizon Event Data for Investing


Financial Services

Universe Coverage

Over 7,500 companies worldwide

Wall Street Horizon LLC

Woburn, Massachusetts, United States

Earnings Calendar and Event Data

Alternative Data Case Study Overview

Wall Street Horizon Gained Actionable Insights
rom Validated Alternative Data

Business Needs from Wall Street Horizon

  • Find an unbiased predictive analytics firm to validate & backtest Wall Street Horizon’s data.
  • Advance market awareness by allowing fund managers easy access to actionable signals derived from Wall Street Horizon’s data.
  • Streamline consumption of derived offerings suited for easy inclusion in portfolio managers’ research process.

Benefits Delivered

  • Lucena’s research advanced the value of Wall Street Horizon’s data by providing:
    • an unbiased empirical validation
    • AI-based signal generation
    • an accessible distribution platform to foster new engagements and partnerships.
  • Detailed analysis reports are provided to effectively showcase Wall Street Horizon’s value through the eyes of an unaffiliated 3rd party. Wall Street Horizon can highlight a direct correlation of future returns based on their data for an asset universe such as the S&P 500. 
  • Through the use of an independent technology such as QuantDesk, Wall Street Horizon can validate and provide their data via:
    • Backtests
    • Paper trading simulations for long and short strategies
    •  Smart Data Feeds to support the sales efforts of both teams to promote offerings and generate new business. 

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