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Connecting Data Providers with Investment Professionals

We apply machine learning to build winning investment strategies

How does Lucena empower alternative data providers?

Our predictive analytics suite validates your data by providing empirical evidence and actionable insights. Utilize our alt data solutions and machine learning platform to accelerate your growth with derived offerings from your data. Garner interest with sentiment-based data feeds or model portfolios all suited for various investment sophistications and styles.

How does Lucena empower investment professionals?

Our sophisticated machine learning technology unleashes the power of predictive analytics for investment decision making. QuantDesk is your hands on research platform, Model Portfolios provide algorithmic trade recommendations, or Quant-For-Hire to automate and enhance your investment hypothesis.

What We Offer

Data Providers

Strategies & Alternative Data Offerings for Finance

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What We Offer

Investment Professionals

alternative data offerings for finance

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