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Smart Data Feeds

Streamline alternative data, customized to your strategy

What are Smart Data Feeds?

  • Cohesive daily signal feeds consisting of a derived value from multiple independent datasets.
  • A multi-factor big-data model that is customizable to a specific asset universe and investment style.
  • Lucena’s Smart Data Feed ranks a designated asset universe for a specific investment objective based on model sentiment and confidence score for KPI and price forecasting. 
  • Choose between traditional datasets, premium curated and validated data or utilize your own dataset.

Who uses Smart Data Feeds?

  • Portfolio managers, researchers and analysts looking for efficient, accessible and actionable data.
  • Looking to augment your internal research process with a quantitative overlay? Test alternative data and gain actionable signals.
  • Whether you are a bottom-up, deep-value fundamentalist or a pure quantitative analyst, you can now easily consume market ready data to extend your own research.

Why use Smart Data Feeds?

Curate Your Data Feed

1. Curate Your Data

Don’t waste time sifting through thousands of datasets. We can help you quickly identify what data is best for you.

Save time and resources without negotiating with multiple vendors. Access historical validation and backtesting on a multitude of unique data feeds, when you’re ready to deploy lock in a flat rate.


Mobilize your investment research

2. Mobilize Your Research

Build your own model and test both historically and perpetually before risking capital.

Access unique and feature engineered signals to mobilize data into insights backed by empirical evidence.

Find your alt data answers

3. Find Your Answers

Receive daily signals accompanied by a Lucena Confidence Score to indicate predictive nature.

Through backtest reports, event studies and custom model portfolios access all the tools you need to form winning investment strategies.

Try Smart Data Feeds

Contact Us

Reach out using the “Contact Us” button below. We’ll send you a quick survey to get the ball rolling.


Describe Your Style

Let us know what kind of data you’re looking for. We’ll use your survey responses to hone in on the most valuable data for your needs.

Test Smart Data Feeds

We’ll construct and deliver a trial data feed to you based on your specifications. We’ll also provide reports to illustrate how we curate data and factors for you.

Find out how to access unique data feeds or use your own. 

Case Studies

Hedge Fund Case Study

How Lucena increased portfolio returns by 180 basis points in under 10 months.# Quantitative Analysis Research

A quantitative approach provided incremental growth and portfolio optimization for a multi-billion-dollar discretionary fundamental hedge fund.


Kookaburra capital

How a quantitative overlay and alternative data boosted Kookaburra’s strategies by 11% while the S&P dropped 7%.# Quantitative Analysis Research

How Lucena provided a quantitative approach to winning Machine Learning strategies for a multi-strategy hedge fund.


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