New Enterprise Level Portfolio Construction and Execution Services

Atlanta, GA Lucena Research and Data Capital Management announced they are collaborating to bring to market AI-based portfolio construction and execution services. “We’re excited to partner with experts in portfolio construction and management. Together, we present unique offerings, that package data science, machine…

Murky Outlook for Oil

Erez Katz, Lucena Research CEO and Co-founder Oil Volatility: How to Identify a Statistical Arbitrage Opportunity Opposing forces are holding oil prices in a tight range and delicate balance. Excessive US production and oversupply is countered by growing demand. Add…

Perpetually Monitored Strategies derived from Alternative Data and AI

Erez Katz, Lucena Research CEO and Co-founder At Lucena, we connect investment professionals with actionable and validated alternative data. Over the past two years, we've added new datasets to our list of validated data partners. To further advance the reliability…

Repurposing Alternative Data for Various Investment Paradigms

Erez Katz, CEO and Co-founder Lucena Research A review of current challenges with alt data adoption and how to overcome them. With our data providers, we are able to provide empirical evidence of the underlying data's predictive value. Value is…

Capsule Networks: Next Gen Deep Learning Computer Vision for Stock Forecasting​

Erez Katz, CEO and Co-founder of Lucena Research Capsule Networks are a fascinating, relatively new technology for image classification. Compared to CNNs, capsule networks have many benefits and phenomenal potential for image classification tasks, specifically time series forecasting.

Forecasting KPI: Using ML and Big Data for Investment Decisions

Erez Katz, CEO and Co-founder For us at Lucena, applying machine learning to the financial markets has taken an interesting turn in recent years. In theory, fitting a model to historical time series data and forecasting a KPI should be similar to how…

Trending Topics in Alt Data and Machine Learning for Investment

Webinar Overview On June 13th we will host a webinar dedicated to an open Q&A surrounding trending topics in Alt Data, Machine Learning, and Data Science for Finance. An emerging and rapidly evolving technical domain can cause great confusion and…

Testing Multi-Factor Models in QuantDesk

Jonathan Moreland, Director of Research, Jonathan Moreland discusses how Insider Intelligence has been proven most valuable using QuantDesk's multi-factor model.

Live Portfolios From Alt Data

Alternative-Data-Based Long and Short Portfolios In Action Earlier this year we announced a partnership with Wall Street Horizon.  Our partnership will highlight how quality alternative data combined with predictive technology can benefit deploying successful investment signals.

How to fight the commoditization of Alt Data

Erez Katz, CEO and Co-founder Lucena Research The challenge of prolonging alternative data relevancy is on many data provider's mind. Increased competition, and wide distribution could quickly turn into alpha decay and commoditization.