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A long/short US large cap equity strategy

What is Tiebreaker?

Tiebreaker is an actively managed long/short strategy. The model portfolio uses AI and invests in US-based large-cap equities. The strategy’s objectives are to accrue returns over time while maintaining low beta, low volatility, and low correlation to the S&P 500. Tiebreaker adjusts its net exposure by tilting its weight long or short based on market volatility and risk.

Why use Tiebreaker?

Low correlation to the market.

Highly liquid constituents.

Active and agile, with timely responses to changes in market sentiment.

Machine Learning optimized for maximum return/minimum volatility.

Strict target gain / stop loss guidelines.

Quantitatively-driven, self adjusts to market and stock-specific conditions.

Model Portfolios that use AI
Hedge fund client

Tiebreaker has shown resilience when the market experienced a protracted downturn. With a 6.16% max drawdown since 2014 it has been a reliable instrument for our portfolio.

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