Teaching with the Sharks:

GT Computing Embraces Entrepreneurial Culture

Excerpt from article originally appearing in “Georgia Tech College of Computing: publication 2017.” GT College of Computing

In March 2017, Wall Street greeted the announcement of a new service, the NASDAQ Analytics Hub, that would give traders a tool to leverage the massive amounts of data generated every day – on social media, in consumer sentiment, in bank and corporate announcements, and elsewhere – to better inform their investment decisions.

Behind the curtain of this Big Data-driven innovation was none other than the College of Computing’s own Tucker Balch.

A professor in the School of Interactive Computing, Balch is the founder and cheif scientists for Lucena Research, which provides the back-end algorithms and processing power that put the hum in NASDAQ’s Analytics Hub. Lucena was incorporated in 2010 as a culmination to Balch’s longtime interest in unleashing the power of machine learning on the stock market. Each day, for every S&P 500 stock, Lucena’s chief product “Quantdesk” crunches 650 performance numbers that include both traditional accounting measures and new metrics like social media sentiment.

Lucena is also one of the latest commercialization ventures to emerge from the community of innovation that is GT Computing. Though they may not (yet) boast the number and scale of what’s coming out of Silicon Valley, Atlanta and Georgia Tech are home to a fast-growing startup culture that is engaging both faculty and students who dream of building their own digital castles in the sky.

This is not by accident. Both the Institute and the College of Computing have launched new programs and made deliberate choices that create a welcoming (and rewarding) environment for entrepreneurs.

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