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We are putting our technology to the test for you! Our goal is to simulate a real-life portfolio by implementing a weekly trading strategy fully exposed, transparent, and auditable. Every Sunday, well in advance of the following week’s market open, Lucena’s CEO / Erez Katz will present next week’s outlook. In addition, Erez will provide detail performance update on two of Lucena’s actively managed portfolios, BlackDog and Tiebreaker. We will present you with a weekly briefing containing a summary of our demo market neutral strategy’s performance. In addition, Mr. Katz will feature one of Lucena®’s QuantDesk® modules and describe how it was used to identify our picks for the upcoming week. You will get a chance to witness an active portfolio, utilizing one or more of Lucena®’s quantitative analysis technologies. Learn how to apply QuantDesk® to your own portfolio and how to profit from it. That’s right! We will issue all our trades before the market opens and define the rules for exit upfront. No hindsight will be factored into any of our decisions. You can find the previous weekly briefings here: