Lucena takes big data anduses machine learning to create valuable insights

Are you a data provider looking to broaden your reach?  

Let Lucena’s suite of highly visual and accessible machine learning data tools connect you with your target audience. We provide data validation, utilize our machine learning technology to enhance your data and deliver it back to you customized for your needs. The final product is reliable, validated, and enhanced with predictive insights to provide your audience the most impact from your data.

Reach New Customers

People want your data. As a data provider, you hold a wealth of capital in the form of information. Lucena connects you with a captive audience for your data, providing a great return for you and your previously unreached customers.


Create Added Value With Machine Learning

Using state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms initially developed by our Chief Scientist, Tucker Balch Ph.D., at Georgia Tech, we are able to predict unique movements and insights that go unnoticed by humans. We output this data in visual formats, tables, and graphs that are easy to digest and can be output for further analysis.

Customized Solutions

Each company has unique needs for their data. We create customized data solutions, enhance them with machine learning, and curate and add value to your data. We have the tools to help your organization and can fit into any solution. You are in control of your information and how it is used to improve your value.

3rd Party Validation for Your Data

Not all data is created equal. As part of our service, Lucena validates, filters, and curates data to separate the good data from the bad. With Lucena, you can trust that our reporting will be accurate and provide the most accurate information and insights.

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