QuantDesk® Event Analyzer

Discover How Events Affect Future Prices


Validate Ideas Before Risking Money

Test what-if scenarios


Massive Event Database

Select from 500+ Fundamental, Macroeconomic & Technical Events



Quantdesk recommends additional factors from our event database

Identify predictable behavior following meaningful events

Lucena’s Event Analyzer helps you evaluate how events based on macroeconomic, technical or fundamental data affect the future price of a stock.

Find Strategic Entry and Exit Opportunities
  • Easy to use menu-based interface
  • Define events in terms of fundamental-centric, macroeconomic and technical analysis based indicators
  • Events can be created by combining multiple factors
  • Over 500+ fundamental, price, and volume based indicators are available
  • Focus on specific market sectors or industries
  • Choose specific time periods to analyze, going back as far as 15 years
  • View the results in easy to understand charts

Validate ideas before risking capital

The Event Analyzer software enables you to easily test “what if” scenarios to discover if they reveal profitable situations

  • Validate a trading idea before risking money
  • Likely profit or loss resulting from an event is clearly indicated graphically
  • Results can be translated easily into trading strategies
  • Understand how profit or loss from an event unfolds over time
Automatically adapts to a changing market

Powerful suggestion engine for event construction

  • Data: 7000 North American equities including: NYSE, NYSE ARCA, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTC (stocks, ETFs, ADRs). Over 100 indices, including major indices published by Dow Jones and S&P
  • Lucena now covers International Equities
  • We compute more than 500 technical indicators from price volume and fundamental data for use by the models
  • Core algorithm: Our Event Analyzer software uses robust algorithms
Price Forecaster has access to a broad set of data and is built using powerful algorithms