Tucker BalchTucker Balch, was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal. Tucker, who is also a professor at Georgia Tech, has taught one of the most popular Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) in Finance. Over 170,000 students have enrolled in his MOOC. The WSJ interviewed a MOOC student who used what he learned in the course to create his own successful strategy. The course provides a basic introduction to some of the approaches Lucena has enhanced significantly for our QuantDesk platform.

Read the full article by Austen Hufford at The Wall Street Journal: Algorithmic Trading: The Play-at-Home Version

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Lucena Research is a leader in decision support technology for investment professionals Lucena delivers quantitative analysis and statistical forecasting based on machine learning technology that enable our customers to exploit market opportunities with precision and to reduce risk in their portfolios.

QuantDesk®, Lucena’s flagship product, provides advanced, yet affordable, subscription-based portfolio optimization tools designed to scientifically validate and augment our clients’ investment strategies. The product includes five portfolio management modules – Price Forecaster, Portfolio Optimizer, Hedge Finder, Event Analyzer and Back ester. Lucena also provides investment strategies in the form of model portfolio from which customers can derive their own implementation.

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