Location-Based Population Movement Patterns Integrated into QuantDesk® Suite are Expected to Provide Unprecedented Predictive Analytical Tools

ATLANTA, November 17, 2014 – Stronger predictive models will soon be available to hedge fund managers and investors as the result of a new operating agreement between Lucena Research and AirSage. Lucena Research — a leader in investment decision support technology, and AirSage® — the largest provider of consumer travel trends and anonymous population-movement intelligence in the U.S., are using mobility data to pioneer the next big advancement in the hedge fund management industry.

The partnership, debuting Tuesday in London at Battle of the Quants – an international conference focusing exclusively on the growing quantitative hedge fund community-delivers a new dimension in hedge fund data analytics by integrating location based cellular activity patterns into Lucena’s QuantDesk® product suite.

QuantDesk® incorporates a scientific approach to investment decision by utilizing big data analytics and statistical forecasting. Specifically, Lucena employs event based forecasting based on historical studies of various time-series-data types.

“Incorporating cellular activity levels by location enables our subscribers to utilize yet another highly predictive data source from which they can explore the major value-drivers of share price movements. They do so based on an empirical valuation model,” said Tucker Balch, Lucena’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

The partnership allows clients of QuantDesk® to incorporate AirSage data with over 350 other indicators, which are captured from technical, fundamental and proprietary data as well as social, sentiment and news feeds.

Lucena’s integration of AirSage’s unique location, movement, and traffic data into the QuantDesk® decision support technology is driven by our ongoing commitment to work with key third party and proprietary data providers. “We strongly believe that our customers will enjoy the highest predictive value from this powerful combination of meaningful data and the technology needed to effectively analyze it,” Balch continues.

AirSage is launching a pilot program for hedge funds. The exclusive pilot is limited to a select number of firms and will close within the next several months. More information on how to participate in the pilot is available here: http://www2.airsage.com/hedgepilot
“We continue to push the boundaries and expand on how our data and technology can be used,” said Cy Smith, Founder and CEO of AirSage. “By leveraging a broad base of transferable knowledge about what population analytics can reveal, we have expanded the industries we serve to now include hedge funds. Partnering with Lucena Research, a leader in machine learning analysis, is another exciting next step in advancing how AirSage data is used.”

QuantDesk® enables hedge funds, portfolio managers, and other investment professionals to leverage scientifically based research for their investment strategies. The open nature of the platform along with its user-friendly interface enables users to easily and affordably, validate, refine, and deploy their trading strategy. QuantDesk® utilizes Machine Learning – which means its models are self-adjusted based on the data presented. QuantDesk® also employs advanced pattern recognition technology for Hedging and Portfolio Optimization.

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