Lucena Research Expands to Support International Exchanges with its Flagship Cloud-based Machine Learning Platform, QuantDesk®

December 22, 2014 (Atlanta, GA) — Lucena Research, a leader in investment decision support technology and portfolio optimization solutions, is expanding its universe coverage internationally.

QuantDesk utilizes big data analytics and statistical forecasting to help institutional investment professionals make more informed investment decisions. Specifically, Lucena’s employs price forecasting, portfolio optimization, portfolio hedging, and other event based forecasting capabilities based on historical studies of various time-series-data types.

“In response to customer demand, we are happy to oblige and expand Lucena portfolio analytics coverage to include securities traded in most world exchanges. In addition to US and North America, we are now covering APAC (Asia Pacific), Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and other emerging markets.” Said Erez Katz CEO of Lucena Research.

“Lucena’s technology supports many types of structured and unstructured time-series data and hence, the technology didn’t have to undergo significant changes to begin supporting global markets. We strongly believe that our customers will enjoy our portfolio optimization technology no matter what they trade and where they trade it.” Katz continues.

QuantDesk enables hedge funds; portfolio managers and other investment professionals to leverage scientifically based research for their investment strategies. The open nature of the platform along with its user-friendly interface enables users to easily and affordably, validate, refine, and enhance their portfolios. QuantDesk utilizes Machine Learning – which means its models are self-adjusting based on the data presented. QuantDesk® also employs advanced pattern recognition technology for Hedging and Portfolio Optimization.

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