Author: Faye Kilburn
Source: Inside Market Data | 14 Jul 2015
Categories: Data Display & Analytics

ATLANTA, July 14, 2015 – Atlanta, GA-based Big Data and decision support analytics provider Lucena Research is developing a range of research studies to help inform the trading strategies of long-term investors in addition to the vendor’s current base of short-term traders.
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Recently, the vendor expanded the capabilities of Event Analyzer─a module added to its cloud-based QuantDesk decision support platform in 2013 to enable hedge fund managers and investment advisors to study the impact of market events on stock prices, leveraging its cloud-based historical database─to allow users to run strategies up to a year ahead, as opposed to on a monthly basis.

Erez Katz“To date, our customers have been primarily involved in multi-day and multi-week trading but we have now developed longer term strategies… for example, some clients are tax-sensitive and want to limit their short-term capital gain tax exposure of high-turnover portfolios, so are interested in longer-term insights,” says Lucena chief executive Erez Katz. “The existing notion that quantitative analysis based on machine learning is only suitable for high-turnover portfolios such as high-frequency [strategies] or swing traders that hold positions for a few days is false. Through our ongoing research and empirical studies, we have identified strong evidence that quantitative research─with the appropriate indicators and datasets─can provide a very effective long-term outlook for publicly traded companies. Specifically, I am referring to timeframes of a year or even longer.”

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About Lucena Research

Lucena Research is a leader in decision support technology for investment professionals Lucena delivers quantitative analysis and statistical forecasting based on machine learning technology that enable our customers to exploit market opportunities with precision and to reduce risk in their portfolios.

QuantDesk®, Lucena’s flagship product, provides advanced, yet affordable, subscription-based portfolio optimization tools designed to scientifically validate and augment our clients’ investment strategies. The product includes five portfolio management modules – Price Forecaster, Portfolio Optimizer, Hedge Finder, Event Analyzer and Back ester. Lucena also provides investment strategies in the form of model portfolio from which customers can derive their own implementation.

Headquartered in Atlanta GA, Lucena supports a wide range of investment professionals worldwide.
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