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Blackdog performance over time compared to the S&P 500


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Are there opportunities for machine intelligence and index research and development? Do you have any predictions for 2017?

Yes, we see tremendous opportunities to leverage machine intelligence as part of our index research and development process and are partnering with start-ups – like Lucena Research – to deliver higher value products to customers.

“Nasdaq is continuing to bring innovation and change to the buy-side through products like the Analytics Hub,” said Terry Wade, Senior Vice President, Nasdaq. “Collaborating with innovative partners to provide more signals will help provide more clarity around investing in today’s markets and will serve as a highly valuable and informative resource for our client base.”

OK, ok, don’t panic. Yet. BlackRock’s big news this week caused lots of buzz around the financial news media, propelling some fear, uncertainty and doubt for smaller firms already intimidated by the $5 trillion AUM big boys’ teams of PhD quants – let alone stock-picking-super-robots. Let’s get a few things straight.