Event Analysis is one of the most powerful tools in Lucena Research’s arsenal. It enables us to easily test hypotheses regarding factors that may influence future stock prices. We can build stock screens, or event definitions, from over 350 factors available in our database for each stock. As an example, what happens when a stock with strong fundamentals hits its 52-week high? Does it respond differently than a stock with poor fundamentals? The Event Analyzer can answer these questions for us.

The Event Analyzer can let us test events we already know about, but is it possible to discover predictive events automatically? Yes, that’s what GoldDigger is all about. GoldDigger is Lucena’s proprietary data mining engine. GoldDigger is running continuously on powerful servers, 24/7, with one goal: To find the best stock screens ever.

In this webinar Lucena Research CTO Tucker Balch, Ph.D. will show you how GoldDigger works and how it performs. You’ll learn how Genetic Algorithms can search for effective solutions to complex problems, and how we’ve applied the technique to event discovery. Join Lucena’s CTO Tucker Balch, Ph.D. for 30 minute session in which we showcase this strategy.