Bloomberg App IconNew Machine Learning Decision Support software based on quantitative analysis gains access to financial market community.

November 13, 2012 – Atlanta GA, USA — Lucena Research announced today that its decision support technology for investment professionals application QuantDesk is available via the Bloomberg Professional service, as a new feature called the Bloomberg App Portal.

Bloomberg Professional service subscribers globally can instantly access the Bloomberg App Portal at “APPS GO” where they can search among dozens of applications that help them accomplish tasks such as value and price securities, visualize and analyze data or leverage new charting techniques. Applications can be licensed and operated from within the Bloomberg Professional service environment – without disrupting or interrupting workflow.

At launch, QuantDesk will include three modules:

1. Price Forecaster – Utilizes Statistical Machine Learning to forecast price targets and confidence levels.
2. Portfolio Optimization – Uses a Nobel Prize winning approach to allocate funds among portfolio holdings to minimize risk and maximize returns.
3. Hedge Finder – A proprietary algorithm that helps protect holdings from unpredictable market moves.

Lucena’s team is preparing to release additional modules for QuantDesk, such as Event Study and Back Tester early next year.

Presently QuantDesk covers North American equities, American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) and exchange- traded funds (ETFs). Based on feedback from QuantDesk early adopters, Lucena is planning to expand its coverage to include global markets and derivatives.

Erez Katz Co-Founder and CEO “We are delighted to be among the first to provide an added value application via Bloomberg’s App Portal and to be among the dozens of software developers that are contributing to the ingenuity of the Bloomberg Professional service. The Bloomberg App Portal enables us deliver machine learning, decision support technology to the global financial community as an integrated feature of the Bloomberg Professional service.”

The Bloomberg App Portal gives Bloomberg subscribers instantaneous access to a diverse library of financial tools, provided by Bloomberg and software developers from around the world. Applications are reviewed and selected for the Bloomberg App Portal based on a variety of parameters, chief among them the ability for the application to add value to Bloomberg’s existing feature set and information resources.

For more information about the Bloomberg App Portal please contact Claudio Storelli at or visit “APPS GO” on the Bloomberg Professional service.

For more information about QuantDesk please visit Lucena Research or contact

About Lucena:

Lucena Research brings hedge fund technology to hedge funds, investment professionals and sophisticated individual investors. Our Artificial Intelligence decision support technology enables investors to find market opportunities to reduce risk in their portfolios. We employ Statistical Machine Learning algorithms to provide equity trend forecasting, advanced event studies, optimal portfolio allocation and hedging tactics as well as sophisticated back testing capabilities.

For more information or additional media inquiries please contact:
Erez M. Katz
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