Lucena QuantDesk®

Statistical Machine Learning at your fingertips
Suited for the business minded investment professional



Decision support technology for portfolio management



Statistical Machine Learning algorithms previously available only to large hedge funds



Delivered over the web as a rich browser based user interface

What is QuantDesk®?

QuantDesk® is a do-it-yourself research platform for the investment professional. With QuantDesk® you can construct, backtest, and deploy an investment strategy without writing a single line of code.

We have developed a sophisticated yet easy-to-use, web enabled software geared to conduct many of the research functions that an in-house quant would do, but for a fraction of the cost.

QuantDesk® presents you with rich UI and actionable screens that will help you identify investment opportunities and help you reduce risk in your portfolio.

With QuantDesk® you can:

  • Identify and exploit market opportunities with precision
  • Scientifically test and validate investment strategies before risking capital
  • Derive insights from orthogonal Big Data sources and apply multi-factor pattern recognition technology in a clear and intuitive user interface
  • Improve your strategies with Machine Learning-based optimization and forecasting automation
  • Reduce risk, minimize volatility, and increase relative returns with industry-leading hedging and portfolio replication technologies

The QuantDesk® Advantage

We empower investment professionals with machine-learning technology geared to validate and assert predictive intelligence derived from a single or an ensemble of multiple disparate big data sources.

How can the QuantDesk® platform help you?

Portfolio managers need on-demand access to data intelligence in order to scientifically validate and form investment strategies. Lucena is the only platform of its kind that allows a non/programmer to apply a full life cycle research of machine learning / quant based investment strategy

QuantDesk® Platform

Price Forecaster

Pattern Recognition Price prediction

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Portfolio Optimizer

Asset allocation recommendations

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Hedge Finder

Reduce volatility with a unique approach to hedging

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Event Analyzer

Exploit market opportunities by identifying predictable behavior following a meaningful event

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Back Tester

Take investment strategies through a historical test drive before risking capital

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Portfolio Replicator

Clone a security, or a portfolio based on its time series performance.

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